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Welcome to JT Worx. We are the leading rope access contracting company that can work with you to carry out repairs, maintenance, and construction in confined spaces that are hard to reach.

Confined space abseil services

Planning and executing confined space work is one of JT Worx’s core business activities. We offer safe and professional abseil services for a diverse range of industries and situations.

You can be sure that our rope access team will work closely with you to complete projects to the highest of standards.

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We can help you in a tight situation

How we can help

We are industry leaders when it comes to being able to access very difficult places and parts of buildings and other structures.

Rope access is a flexible, cost-effective, and efficient alternative to other methods of accessing hard-to-reach spaces, like cranes and scaffolding.

If you’re in need of confined space services to be carried out, here’s how we can help:



The team at JT Worx can perform complex installation and maintenance during construction in confined spaces. Our services can help save you a lot of money when compared to other access methods available.


Mechanical fitting

The safe and flexible nature of our rope access service allows us to safely access challenging confined spaces. Our team will fit and assemble mechanical components safely and efficiently.


Hazardous materials removal

We can access and remove hazardous materials from confined spaces with minimum disruption. With years of experience working on major hazardous facilities, we have developed a robust in-house team of specialized removalists who utilise the latest technology and equipment.


Masonry work

If you require masonry work to be carried out in a confined space, the team at JT Worx can help. We are experienced in doing masonry work in a variety of environments and can carry out your project within your budget and on time.



Our team can carry out rendering work in even the most confined and hard-to-reach spaces. Over the years we have successfully completed many rendering projects for a diverse range of clients in multiple industries.



Whether you need to repair old caulking or install new caulking, our team has you covered. We can help you with every caulking job, regardless of how confined the space is where the work needs to be done.


Corrosion control

The team at JT Worx can go into very confined spaces and carry out work to prevent and remove corrosion. In the long run, this will save your business a lot of money, as it will avoid expensive repairs and replacements from being required.



If you require waterproofing to be carried out in confined spaces, our experienced team can help. We have worked with a range of clients to carry out commercial and industrial waterproofing to help protect your assets from the elements.

We provide confined space solutions to a wide range of industries

Energy & mining

Civil works



Asset management

Wind & hydro

Onshore and offshore


Is your industry not on the list? Get in touch to see how we can help.

Why work with us?

Always on time and budget

We make sure that your project is completed on time and within budget. We achieve this through thorough planning and precise execution.

We understand that many projects that we work on are time-sensitive and that delays cost our clients lots of money. This is why we work with our clients closely to ensure thorough planning is carried out before we start your project. This helps us to complete the project on time and within budget.

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Years of experience

We have worked with many clients to carry out projects in confined spaces. This experience allows us to provide the best rope access services in the industry.

As a company, we are constantly reviewing our systems and processes to look for improvements that help us provide better service to our clients. This is what makes us one of the industry leaders in the rope access market.

Quality guaranteed

Every project we undertake is guaranteed to be carried out to the highest of industry standards. We ensure that every project is double-checked to ensure the quality of the completed work.

 When you work with us, you can be sure your worksite will be safe and secure for your employees and contractors whilst we are carrying out our work.

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Get in touch to see how we can help

JT Worx is a market leader in accessing and working in confined spaces.

To learn how we can help you, please get in touch today for an obligation-free chat.

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