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JT Worx is a vastly experienced height safety company that can help you with designing and implementing height safety systems. We pride ourselves on providing innovative solutions that are cost-effective, successful, and safe.

Professional at heights services

When you work with us, you can be sure that you’ll receive professional rope access services that deliver over and above their expectations. We care about the work we do and have built a reputation as a trusted industry leader.

Regardless of the size and scope of the job, we will deliver high-quality abseil solutions that add value to our clients.

During all stages of working with us, from the consultation stage to the implementation stage, you can be sure that you will be working with highly skilled and trained professionals.

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Maintaining your at heights safety standards

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How we can help

We are industry leaders when it comes to being able to access very difficult places and parts of buildings and other structures.

Rope access is a flexible, cost-effective, and efficient alternative to other methods of accessing hard-to-reach spaces, like cranes and scaffolding.

If you’re in need of at heights saftey services to be carried out, here’s how we can help:


Standby rescue

We can provide standby rescue services. We are very experienced in tailoring individual safety plans and systems, designed to keep your workers safe and secure during events, during construction projects, and when carrying out maintenance on buildings and other structures.


Emergency work

The team at JT Worx has the skills and experience to carry out emergency rapid response work when time is of the essence. Our teams can be deployed within hours to help with damage caused by bushfires, floods, landslides, cyclones, and earthquakes. If you require emergency rope access services, get in touch today.


Rigging setup

Rope access is the best and fastest way to set up rigging for a range of different situations. We have experience with planning and installing a variety of different rigging structures and can then dismantle the rigging once you are finished with it.


Specialised access netting

We can design and install specialised access netting to help make your buildings and structures safer. Rope access is the fastest and most cost-effective way to install access netting, and we can work with you during your project to maintain it.



We provide accurate and comprehensive inspections of your buildings, structures, and equipment. We will then provide you with detailed reporting to ensure you are able to identify key maintenance issues affecting your infrastructure or equipment and proactively fix them.


Safety netting / tension netting

We can work with you to erect and dismantle safety and tension netting in the hardest-to-reach spaces. Netting provides a much more cost-effective height safety solution compared to various other methods, while at the same time maintaining a safe workspace.


Structural rigging

We can work with you to ensure your structural rigging is safe and effective. Our team has qualified advanced riggers with years of experience in structural steel and precast panel erection, load rigging, heavy lifting, and dogging.


Debris and safety netting

We are experienced in the construction and installation of safety netting systems so that you can avoid rockfall, falling debris, and landslides occurring on construction and maintenance worksites. Our experienced team will ensure all systems are thoroughly vetted and meet regulations.


Anchor inspection

The team at JT Worx can provide anchor inspections to make sure you maintain a safe worksite. Once we complete our inspections, we will provide you with a detailed report so that you can proactively fix any issues that arise.


Height safety inspection

We provide accurate and comprehensive height safety inspections to ensure your work sites are safe. We will give you a detailed report that identifies any issues that might affect the safety of your buildings, structures, or equipment.

We provide at heights solutions to a wide range of industries

Energy & mining

Civil works



Asset management

Wind & hydro

Onshore and offshore


Is your industry not on the list? Get in touch to see how we can help.

Why work with us?

Always on time and budget

Before we commence any work on your project, we will provide you with a detailed quote. This ensures that you are fully aware of the total cost of your project. We then implement your plan and ensure we stick to the agreed-upon budget so that you don’t receive any nasty surprises once the project is completed. 

We understand that many projects that we work on are time-sensitive and that delays cost our clients lots of money. This is why we work with our clients closely to ensure thorough planning is carried out before we start your project. This helps us to complete the project on time and within budget.

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Years of experience

We have worked with hundreds of clients on multiple projects in a wide variety of different industries. Our team has thousands of collective hours working at heights, which ensures we provide our clients with a safe, consistent, and professional service.

As a company, we are constantly reviewing our systems and processes to look for improvements that help us provide better service to our clients. This is what makes us one of the industry leaders in the rope access market.

A culture of safety

To us, safety is not just a few boxes to tick; it is at the forefront of everything that we do. As a company, we are constantly improving our systems to ensure that we can provide amazing service to our clients whilst maintaining the highest of safety standards.

When selecting equipment that we work with, we only use the highest quality products, which ensures our team is kept safe while carrying out even the most hazardous projects. When you work with us, you can be sure your worksite will be safe and secure for your employees and contractors whilst we are carrying out our work.

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Get in touch to see how we can help

JT Worx is a market leader in creating and carrying out innovative abseil solutions for all of your height safety needs for a wide range of projects in multiple industries.

Please contact us today to find out why our clients love working with us. We would love to discuss how we can help.

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