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Kalgoorlie Nickel Stack

Project Review

Opened in 1981 BHP’s nickel stack was built with a thirty-year life cycle in mind for the asset, serving its purpose well over the first few decades BHP identified they would require this critical piece of infrastructure for another fifty years. Wearing the scars of decades of use and weather deterioration the Client had to engage the services of a contractor that had the skill to be able to execute high risk and technical repair works – enter JT Worx. The project engineers had developed systems and solutions to lengthen the life of the stack included in the repair works, consulting with JT Worx on the project the experienced management at JT Worx proposed the carbon fibre wrapping on the stack should form part of the solution to lengthen the life cycle of the stack. BHP decided that JT Worx were the only contractor that had the skill set and expertise to deliver the project & manage all of the risks associated with the project.

Our Solutions Involved

The repairs works included but were not limited to: repairing concrete deteriorations, application of weather band, wrapping the stack in carbon fibre approximately 30 metres from the top. This incredibly complex and detail scope was all delivered in an environment where the JT Worx team accessing the stack at extreme heights, which resulted in the project being completed in one third of the allowed project program due to the highly evolved project delivery systems JT Worx brought to the project ultimately saving the client thousands of dollars.

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